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Walter Martindale
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Re: Losing grip during katate dori

As others have said, it's a bit early to start telling people what to do - it may pay to ask your sensei/sempai (whomever is leading your learning adventure) for advice - i.e., am I moving in such a way that this uke can't hold on - how can I fix this?
My instruction (i.e., the instruction I've had) is "hold on" but also from others "move so that uke can (and needs to) keep a grip. Or - if Uke's trying to hold on but cannot, you may need to move differently. I've practiced with people who are accustomed to loose, flexible uke who don't weigh much, and they jump on my neck (figuratively) when I just CAN'T hold on because of the little bit of arthritis, ancient injuries from judo, a bit of weight (97 kg/210 or so lb) and old age.. My understanding it that if uke CAN'T hold on, nage moved too much for uke... if uke WON'T hold on, then he/she needs instruction.
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