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Originally posted by Erik

Teaching takes place in many forms. If you flub a technique and I don't fall I'm helping to teach you that you might have done something wrong. If I'm sempai in this case I've also got to scale my attack and intensity to a level that nage can handle and be pushed by. This is teaching. If you tap someone on the forehead when they leave an opening you are also participating in an act of teaching. Sometimes, just by being an obnoxious ass, a partner is teaching you how you don't want to be.

Well this is the kind of partner I cherish the most.

I bet that if your partner has a bunch more notches on the belt you don't tell them to shut up should they offer you some advice.

Usually the Yudansha at my dojo are all a few years younger than me, so I have enough leverage on them to be able to do so But please do not misunderstand me. Advice is always welcome. Long interventions are not.

There are some people that will talk you to death and I understand the pain inflicted in those cases. But to categorically deny feedback during a class just slows down your learning process. I've received more than a few gems from someone my junior in terms of rank. Often, the only way they can communicate that is through words. I want that feedback.

You are right, but I guess it depends on the situation. On some days, you are full of energy and you want to practice hard, and then you meet one of these philosophers who spoils your training. On others, you feel tired and have a few injuries, and such persons are suddenly a gift from heaven
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