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Re: What is Weight Transfer(Taijuuidou)??

Hi Erick,
Erick Mead wrote:
<snip lots of stuff>Prompting connection is aiki -- but provoking resistance is not aiki.
I guess its how you define "connection" and "resistance" and how the skills of controlling someone are cultivated.

IMHO, culitvating resistance in the beginning can be a good thing, as most people aren't sensitive right off the bat to really know where their uke's force and intent is _really_ going.

I've found that if connection is trained with _a_lot_ of resistance in the beginning (with the caveat that it is understood that it is only a stepping stone to higher skill), then the ability to actually learn to connect to someone is greatly improved. In this model as the feeling for real connection improves then the resistance in an exercise is reduced.

Plus, typically, once uke resists (especially if they don't realise they are), connection to uke should be easier and hence also the ensuing application.

Obviously - this approach can have its own pitfalls, but I reckon it can highlight a lot of gaps in basic movement that would otherwise have tori's application go to custard.
The difference is in the application of juji +. A fine line perhaps, but a definite line nevertheless.
Perhaps I've missed that fine line... Can you define "juji" and its application?


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