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Re: What is Weight Transfer(Taijuuidou)??

Andrew Reed wrote:
Thanks for that Rob, really interesting.

So how does Shiko train this weight transfer skill ? What connections/movements etc are being focused on while doing the exercise in order to increase someones ability to do this ?'ll get long and convoluted in words I think.

Basically in the beginning you train

a) to lead the entire body with the arm (I know that sounds contradictory to whole body power, but its a training tool)

b) It builds and seperates your body into roughly three different axis. Basically its an indepth study into how the human body transfers weight.

c) At the same time you build up a connection between both arms as one connection. That is to say, something happening in one arm should directly affect the other arm.

What you'll want to focus on:
*Keeping the knees slightly pushed out as the leg is raised
*The leg is raised as a result of the tension being led by the HAND. I.E. the leg does not move seperatly, it needs to move as a result of the tensions pulling it.
*Keeping the cross in the chest.
*Keeping an up/down tension (fat golden buddhas with silken threads )
*Keeping a front-back tension

Let me stress here that all the qualities you learn in the TenChiJin exercise mentioned in the Training Article are present in Shiko.
So part of the puzzle is figuring out how to keep those qualities intact as you shift from side to side going through the movements.
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