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Re: What is Weight Transfer(Taijuuidou)??

David Skaggs wrote:
Your uke should be unbalanced and you should feel no resistance. Thus the amount of force required to execute the technique should be mininal.

"Then nage will turn back (and step back) in front of uke, applying the technique by turning uke's hand directly back onto the forearm and pulling it down and into their center.
Hey David,
You bring up a good point.
The example you pointed out is the "technical" or "physical" (External) way to do the move.

Consider if your uke is unbalanced when you flip his wrist over.
There's plenty of big guys that can do this, and I've recently discovered Rugby will give you a solid base for keeping your "center."
So how do you still do Kotegaeshi on someone that it seems like you haven't got kuzushi on?

My guess (and from practical experience) is that you need to use that very weight transfer that Shioda was talking about.
If you do it right, it should even look minimal. A slight movement will take your uke down, no matter how hard he resists. (Since to them it feels like you're sending your "weight" inside them).

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