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Spiritual power

I've often wondered about the amazing feats attributed to O-sensei. How was he able to transcend the physical laws governing our world? I heard one story, for instance, where O-sensei climbed atop a huddle of men and kiaied loudly. They all fell to the floor and were immobilized until O-sensei clambered off the huddle. Many claimed that they were held by the neck or pinned even though they were not in physical contact with O-sensei. How was this possible? Clearly this feat was not a matter of merely supreme physical technique. The only power I know of that supercedes the natural laws of our existence is that which is spiritual. I wonder what the nature of O-sensei's spiritual power was. Many primitive cultures wouldn't hesitate to attribute his power to occultic or demonic forces. Others would suggest a more innocuous origin of his power. Whatever the case, I think that there is enough anecdotal support for suggesting that O-sensei's power was not entirely his own. That is, it didn't originate entirely from within him. What do the rest of you think? (Hope this question doesn't sound too bizarre)

I can't help thinking of Faust when I consider this question.

"Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend."
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