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Re: What is Weight Transfer(Taijuuidou)??

Robert John wrote:
For example, let's take kotegaeshi for example.
Most people can resist this technique after several years of MA training. The trick isn't in "how" you lock the wrist, or how you position yourself, but rather how you disperse your opponents resistant force "in you", while sending your own "M" into them.
IE, weight transfer.
In kotegaeshi by the time you get to to the "wrist turn out" ( actually should be a wrist curled into the forearm) the timing of the technique should be that the uke is already going in the direction of the throw. Your uke should be unbalanced and you should feel no resistance. Thus the amount of force required to execute the technique should be mininal.

"Then nage will turn back (and step back) in front of uke, applying the technique by turning uke's hand directly back onto the forearm and pulling it down and into their center.

2. turning the hand back against the wrist (with or without torquing) in the direction it normally bends."

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