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Keith R Lee
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Re: What is Weight Transfer(Taijuuidou)??

Robert John wrote:
For example, let's take kotegaeshi for example.
Most people can resist this technique after several years of MA training. The trick isn't in "how" you lock the wrist, or how you position yourself, but rather how you disperse your opponents resistant force "in you", while sending your own "M" into them.
IE, weight transfer. Which is probably why Gozo Shioda said that its a key principle in Aikido.
I'm not sure about all the rest of it, I need to give it some thought, but I definitely agree with this. Elbow power # 1 & 2 embody this type of training in my mind (as do all of the kihon dosa really), and are at the very core of Yoshinkan practice.

Keith Lee
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