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Basia Halliop
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Re: Fear in Aikido

But in a sense, Mr. Hooker, weren't you afraid of not being a good husband, father, or citizen?
If we're talking about fear in the wider sense of the word, then can't almost any motive be described as fear of its opposite? Fear of being unhealthy, fear of letting your mind dull, fear of having a boring or meaningless life...?

Without knowing the original person who said it, I don't know if they meant it in that very general sense or if they meant something more specific (i.e., fear of violent physical attack as a motivator for learning a physical method of self-defense). My own hunch would be the latter, though. In which case, I really don't think I agree, unless people (myself included) are awefully good at hiding their true motives it from me.
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