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Re: Fear in Aikido

Dennis Hooker wrote:
I do not believe fear had anything to do with why I started boxing and martial arts. And I started Aikido as a way re-socialize myself and make me a person fit to live in society and be a better father and husband, I believe it worked.
I don't know that I sign on to Dobson's premise entirely, either. However, not to be too presumptuous, Sensei, but fear is not always directed merely toward external possibilities. Given a certain personal history, killing may become entirely too easy a recourse for moral comfort. History in general shows that it is by no means difficult or rare for this to happen in a society. This is a point that seems to been deeply concerning to O-Sensei in his creation of aikido from experience in the consequences of both.

It is a point allowed by, but may not have been meant by, your statement.


Erick Mead
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