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Re: zanshin (awareness )

Very funny!

I think zanshin is a subconcious awareness rather than saying to yourself 'I must be aware' all the time. For example I 'phase out' during instruction sometimes because I'm looking at the body movement (esp. the centre or feet movement) and I have to ask beginning students what the attack type and technique was! Also, someone tried to hit me with a bottle recently and they attacked from the side - luckily I raised up my arm just subconciously and protected myself (though the angle still meant it clipped the back of my head, though I'd taken all the power out of it, so despite breaking it didn't hurt a bit)

I love the story of the samurai who's assistant was going to test him by drawing a sword and attacking, but after this thought, thought better of it - the samurai then retired to his house, saying that he didn't feel at ease and the assistant (squire?) was amazed.

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