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Re: When is HENKA WAZA hunky-dori?

Dirk Hanss wrote:
Whatever we do is on a very low level, due to the level of our students.

Sometimes sensei teaches kihon waza - kaeshi waza - henka waza even for beginners. One important idea is to break the paradigm of "nage always wins, just because uke attacks". Another idea is to show most common mistakes and how to deal with them.
I am in 2 minds about henka waza.

On one hand, it embodies dynamism, in that the roles of tori and uke are not always fixed... they are part of a whole, exchanging positions in a natural way...

On the other hand, it leads down the path to competition - basically aikido vs aikido. In real life, if I am ever attacked (e.g. in a mugging), I would hope it's not by another aikidoka... and openings that I provide would invite a conventional attack in the form of a punch or kick... thus, I might prefer to concentrate on responses to those type of attacks (or avoid giving openings to those type of attacks), instead of worrying that the attacker would try to initiate a nikyo or some other aikido waza.
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