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Fred Little
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Re: iwama note, censored?

Kevin Wilbanks wrote:
If a teacher has faith in his art, why would he feel it needs to be protected from outsiders or outside influences? If the teacher has faith in his students, why would he try to micromanage their behavior and control who they interact with and how? Even if the stated goal of Aikido wasn't so altruistic, I don't see how behavior that is so obviously motivated by fear has any place at the top level of a martial art.

Your questions really answer themselves. Your closing line makes me recall something Terry Dobson said during the last series of classes he taught at Bond Street Dojo.

"I will submit to you that every individual who entered into aikido practice, or the practice of any martial art, did so because of fear."

In principle, I concur with your judgement, but as a matter of simple observation, I must ask why we should expect that aikido politics and the personality structures of aikido leaders would be any less driven by fear than actual politics and the personality structures of actual leaders with genuine authority to exert martial force?

Fred Little
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