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Re: iwama note, censored?

George S. Ledyard wrote:
... Our only hope is to simply not buy into it. I am good friends with a senior student of teachers who do not in any way get along with my own teacher. We simply decided that we didn't need to buy into conflicts which started back in the "old country". ... This kind of carry over from feudal times is ridiculous ... we do not have to buy into this here, period. We need to refuse to participate.
... Can you see the Shihan disowning all of his seniors students? I don't think so... I think that this is one aspect ofthe whole Japanese thing that we can simply REFUSE to participate in. If no one around the world payed any attention to these ridiculous political machinations, I suspect that not only would the leaders in Japan learn to live with it, but they would probably start to change themselves. We can be the incentive for them to do so if we choose.
This is the best way to deal with this. The Japanese way to deal with an intractable social problem is to collectively imagine that no dispute exists, act that way, pointedly ignore all evidence to the contrary, step over the inconvenient dead bodies --- commenting in charitable tones about the unfortunate dust at this time of year that seems to get all over the floor --- debating which is more pleasing -- the sound of spring frogs versus summer cicadas -- when raised voices are overheard ...

The parties (the proper Japanese ones, anyway) will only go so far in embarassing themselves by continuing a dispute that everyone else is unwilling to validate or even to recognize as occurring. Partisans and retainers will keep it smoldering in well-tended coals, but fire does not spread well over oceans. Japan has had a sad history with fire, as I recall.

Just a thought.

Aren't the koi lovely today, by the way?

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