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Re: Buses and trains - effects on balance

I have tried this on the train. I found that it helps when I keep my knees loose and shift my weight naturally from side to side instead of leaning. Sometimes, the train does take some hard curves and I am forced to move. When I tried to hard to stand still, I ended up being stiff legged and staggering to the next spot (like on your first day of Aikido practice). However, when I just relaxed and went with the movement, it was much smoother to just slide my foot into a new position.

Two additional notes: I found increased balanced while listening to my headphones! My legs seemed to have more feeling, were looser and easier to move and shift weight. I felt like a boxer that was bouncing from one foot to the next (all my boxing training comes from watching HBO). Finally, after I had a few beers and THEN got on the train, I was even better! (But if you have too many, you won't be able to stand up). Maybe drunken Aiki style works best.

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