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Re: iwama note, censored?

It even exists here somewhat. I was living in a larger city one time and was invited to teach at a seminar for about an hour. That was until they realized I was not a member of their organization, although I did train at the time in one of their dojos. They quickly withdrew the invite stating that only members of their organization were allowed to teach. This was non Japanese. The organization had a rep for thinking their aikido was the only style. My instructor at the time , Japanese, had his problems with another instructor in his area-he made the wong choice during the split. If he showed up or one of his students showed up at a seminar they would be asked to leave by one of the senior yudansha.

It's sad aikidoka can be so petty, intolerant and unforgiving. I don't think O'Sensei would have been very pleased.
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