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Wink Re: Re: Beginners wearing Hakama

Originally posted by Chris Li
If he'd cared much about it he could have changed things at any time, but he never did. That says to me that he either preferred the new way or didn't care enough either way to go through the trouble (probably the latter, I would think).
KAMI : Well, the old man was quite temperamental and his attitudes were mostly subject to the whim of the moment. He might take exception to Saotome not wearing a hakama but, most of the time, it seems he didn't care.
At least, there are two photos in Aikido Journal # 114, pg. 06 (1965) and AJ #118, pg. 25 (1964)that shows Ueshiba Morihei O teaching(with many people training without hakama) at the Aikikai and one (AJ #118, pg. 10)at the Old Hombu Dojo of a children's class with everybody (including a young Moriteru Doshu) "hakamaless). Perhaps it wasn't demanded of children? I seem to remember also a picture I once saw of Iwama, at Ueshiba's time, with some people training without Hakama.
As I said, it seems Ueshiba didnt' care a lot about some things, except when he choose to call attention to them.

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