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Originally posted by Chris Li
Well, the policy originally changed because of the cloth shortage after the war, but M. Ueshiba was around and active for at least 15 years after the cloth shortages were gone. If he'd cared much about it he could have changed things at any time, but he never did. That says to me that he either preferred the new way or didn't care enough either way to go through the trouble (probably the latter, I would think).
Saotome, in his book, tells a story about one time when he forgot to bring his hakama to class and O'Sensei made him stay off the mat. At least on occasion he made an issue out of it.

As a note, for those of you going to Aikido Journal's Expo be sure to visit Don Angier. He's quite the colorful fellow. I think Doshu should mandate that sort of look. Bring a little color into the drab Aikido world. On the other hand, I guess we'd fit right in at IBM or the FBI.
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