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Re: Randori No Kata - history etc

Sean Orchard wrote:
I hadn't heard of the 15 version before, but I have come across the 19. It didn't include any uki waza - it was the same 15 that you list, plus the remaining 2 atemi waza and 2 waki gatame.
Hey Sean,

Maybe it looks like the 19 were a half-way house between the 15 & 17 then?

The hiji waza from that version are still in the 4th kyu grading syllabus - oshi taoshi, udegaeshi, wakigatame (3 "pushing" hiji waza), then hiki taoshi, udehineri, wakigatame (3 "pulling" hiji waza).
these days I find hiji waza kind of difficult to classify further (not that we have to I suppose, but it can help pass the time ). I mean, do we just say pull/push, or do we say hineru/kaisu, or look at how tori grips the forearm (this can play a part in the leverage tori can generate I think)... I dunno



Dave Findlay
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