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Re: 7 year old applies self defense

Rene Vencer, Jr wrote:
Should he just have taken it? Or was it right for him to stand up to the oppression?
No - its absolutely wrong to stand up to oppression. It is far better to allow these bullies to get a sense of satisfaction from displacing their anger and jealousy on an inoccent person. He should have used his face to blend more effectively with their punches allowing them to feel that they had won a victory and that this strategy of bullying was a successful one

Seriously though - you have to be joking! I think this idea of aikido as somehow 'passive' is completely wrong, and indeed potentially dangerous. Aikido should be a way of resolving such problems fairly. Obviously gratuitous violence is often just storing up problems for the future (unless you completely destroy your enemy) - however firm and fair self-protection is surely justified. Good on him I'd certainly say. Four on one is in no way fair - and indeed many self-defence instructors would say being threatened by such numbers would justify premptive striking and indeed a very violent response.

The headmaster probably has to have this response due to the stupid 'pollitically correct' school discipline system which currently exists in some countries (such as the UK). I would say, using aikido for self-defence is the best advert for aikido, and if these bullies took it up it would be a great success. True victory may be self-victory, but it is certainly not simple capitulation. As long as we don't dehumanise our attackers I think we have a chance of working towards peace.

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