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7 year old applies self defense

Last weekend, I found out that my girlfriend's kid brother (7 years old) got into a fight his with four bullies.

My gf's mom was the one telling me about it. The other kids were always jealous of him (Matthew). good grades, better stuff, etc etc. Mom said that they've been picking on Matthew for months, and that he'd always let it go. But last July, 4 of his bullies ganged up on him. They beat him up really bad. He got bruised and scarred. there was blood. But he waited until he bled before he used Aikido.

After that Mom was called by the principal, and the 4 kids plus Matthew were there. the 4 kids got suspended but the principal had a talk with mom about why he was taught aikido this early. Mom was really proud of Matthew, and said in hs defense that he'd been very patient with them up until he couldn't take any more.

Matthew's mom was very thankful that he went with me during training last year. We never intended to teach him, but because sensei was very accomodating, he just sorta joined in.

Mom and my gf are thankful, and so is Matthew. He was able to survive the trauma, this was his first fight after all. He gained the admiration of some of his peers, and the continued envy of others.

I have mixed feelings about this. I somehow feel proud of him, but I'm not sure if it was right... Should he just have taken it? Or was it right for him to stand up to the oppression?

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