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Re: Randori No Kata - history etc

Wow! That's amazing! Thanks everyone. *rei*

Yann Golanski wrote:
They are __BASIC__ strikes and not an exhaustive list. Same things can apply to all the other techniques in the 17 kata. After that, randori teaches you to apply those into a more realistic situation. Each of the 17 techniques can be applied in dozens of different ways.
Yeah. By "an exhaustive list of ways of manipulating the body" I meant something like "an exhaustive list of directions in which bits of the body can be bent or pushed." So kote gaeshi is a basic way of manipulating the body - turning the wrist outwards - and I can then apply that while standing and moving away from you, while standing, entering and prodding you in the inside of the elbow, while pinning you, while standing and lifting your arm above your head, probably using a stick in some way, while twisting your other wrist inwards and so on, but it's still kote gaeshi. It's what Larry called "the critical effective element."

Thanks again!
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