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Re: No touch throw - again? OMG!!!

I would imagine many of the senior Shihan have their little things which they love to perform and many people think "their attacker is just jumping" etc.
I mean I think sometimes that what Kanetsuka Sensei is doing at the moment, is just because his Uke are helping him to do it. This was until I felt it personally and really started thinking what is he doing?
Wasn't Saito Sensei thought to be a "fraud" in the 70s because his Aikido didn't to that of O Sensei in his video demonstrations. So I guess this is the same thing as what Mr Goldsbury said about Watanabe Sensei playing to the crowd at these demonstrations. Since O Sensei never did what he thought was his Aikido to the public, probably because he was a big Martial Art Traditionalist (almost Samurai like in his attitude).
Didn't Saito Sensei dislocate one of his Ukes shoulders before, I think it was at one of the All-Japan Demonstrations.
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