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Re: No touch throw - again? OMG!!!

Peter Gröndahl wrote:
I´m sure that he has solid taijutsu, but those clips with the no-touch stuff makes me cringe and wish that I was in another organisation.
Me, too.

I'm told by a witness to the occasion that Watanabe once made an appearance in Miami where he tried the no-touch stuff. His laconic UKE--Dr. Johnson redux, God love him!--smacked him upside the head.

Watanabe made his displeasure known and UKE was invited off the mat.

I can't say if he's precisely a BS artist, there might be something to be gained studyinng the vectors of his movement (Osawa did some very slomo aikido, too, and I don't doubt him), but he IS, at least, a bad loser.

And that video... if Jim Carrey did it on SNL, it'd be comedy.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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