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Re: No touch throw - again? OMG!!!

Like Amir said it's probably the sensitivity of his Uke, which is like I said earlier. I mean Tissier Sensei wouldn't be able to do half of the things without his Ukes, if I am right doesn't he use the same Ukes for all his demonstrations.
Shioda Sensei, Saito Sensei etc. all showed this type of feeling in their techniques. Except the only difference between these men and Watanabe Sensei is that their Ukes are more sensitive to what is happening.
Watching demonstrations of Shioda Sensei, his Ukes (more than likely his most senior students?) are sometimes having a hard time taking his techniques. I mean they are shaking their legs, rubbing their necks etc. So again its probably just a less "harmfull" version to what Shioda Sensei did when he demonstrated.
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