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Re: When is HENKA WAZA hunky-dori?

Peter A Goldsbury wrote:
In the daily training environment of my own dojo, students are not advanced enough to be able to apply henka-waza at will. Some of the yudansha are, however, and are at liberty to do so, except when participating in classes for beginners. Then it is the rule to do the waza being taught.
Hi, Peter. Thanks for responding. This strikes me as a sound way, and it's how I like to train. But as I seem to recall you saying once before in the context of SHU-HA-RI, one's ability to progress in this depends very much on one's teacher, and not all are as secure as yourself in granting this flexibility.

Having taught language at a level deeper than the typical EIKAIWA, let me ask you this, Peter: Do you think we could posit aikido pedagogy as largely parallel to the Audio-Lingual Method, i.e., lots of pattern practice and occasional role plays, as opposed to the Communicative Method which emphasizes communication over form?

I think this training is good when tied with kaeshi-waza and when the line between uke and tori is so blurred that roles can be changed at will.
Yes. A rarity, though. I was fortunate enough to find a partner I could do this with once at the USAF Winter Camp here in Ft. Lauderdale. It was a gas, but folks were coming down out of the bleachers to ask us what we were fighting about.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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