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Michael McCaslin
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Re: Deep Breathing and its meaning

Mike Sigman wrote:
I don't suggest anyone look elsewhere than Aikido, although to be balanced I'd have to note that all sorts of qigongs, yoga routines, etc., will do the same thing when the breath and force-manipulations are used.
Well, in my case the dojo where I train does some judo, some hard jujitsu, and some softer "aiki" stuff that mainly comes from Hakko ryu as well as my instructor's own realizations. We don't do any internal strength training, and most there focus on balance and technique refinement. My instructor has internal training, but tends to be dismissive of it when we ask about it.

I work on the internal development for "homework" and then test what I learn in the dojo environment. I'm open to all sources, but since virtually all my work outside the dojo is solo I do mostly qigong type solo exercises and the exercises from your DVD's. I work on my breathing and repatterning my movement virtually all day every day.

I haven't been at it long, but I see significant differences in the dojo "test lab." Whether as uke or nage the way I react to and generate force is changing.
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