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Michael McCaslin
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Re: Deep Breathing and its meaning

Mike Sigman wrote:
You're just a pup. I remember a teacher I once had who mentioned that probably the best age to start a lot of the sophisticated breath/ki/whatever studies was around 40. Anyone younger has not learned to settle down and focus well enough.
It's probably no coincidence that this is also the about age that most of us realize that we can't count on our youthful physique to stay with us and are more open to exploring alternatives.

Periodically I decide to "get fit" (like when I used to play competitive soccer). The last time the urge struck me I went to a park, stretched for a few minutes, and took off running at a full sprint. I promptly sustained tears to both hamstrings! This was a humbling experience for me, and a turning point in the way I train for anything. The old way was just to beat the body unmercifully until I got compliance! Now I've learned to ask nicely...

At any rate, I'll be happy if I stay in the game long enough to learn something worth teaching and pass it on.
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