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Re: Wrist Exercises

Kevin Wilbanks wrote:
However, your way is more likely to require jumping over into a hard fall, as you are still standing more upright and facing head-first in the direction of further twist. The way I described, by the time you get to your safe position you are already pretty much on the ground, so there is no further need for cranking or jumping.
I think what we're both talking about here is the optimum ukemi for our training environment. With the kotegaeshi (kote-oroshi) we practice, you will not see many "hard falls" with "jumping". You will more than likely see the most basic form practiced that results in a back-fall, as I think you're describing. However, what I'm describing puts me in good position to keep attacking. I'm not actually turned so that my only option is to be thrown into a forward roll or hard-fall. I can just as easily take the back-fall (and quietly if the opportunity is there).

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