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Ron Tisdale
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Re: When is HENKA WAZA hunky-dori?

The training at home (in an Iwama environment) have much more structured feel than other dojo Ive visited. Probably sloppy compared to those Yoshinkan and Shodokan types though.
The little time I spent in an Iwama dojo (under Patricia Guerri) was as structured as the Yoshinkan training I am more familiar with. I don't believe I saw any sloppy technique at all. In fact, because I am used to not being as formal outside of my normal context, I was brought up short by my partner's focus at the beginning of the first waza / exercise. I went in fairly casually, as I have seen in many dojo outside of the Yoshinkan, but her focus immediately told me that was a big no no. I backed off, and started again properly.


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