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Re: When is HENKA WAZA hunky-dori?

Whatever we do is on a very low level, due to the level of our students.

Sometimes sensei teaches kihon waza - kaeshi waza - henka waza even for beginners. One important idea is to break the paradigm of "nage always wins, just because uke attacks". Another idea is to show most common mistakes and how to deal with them.

Ideally every technique is henka waza, as you have to adapt it to size, speed and quality of uke and nage. If there is a new beginner, I as nage have the task to deal with his attacks and find a way to apply at least any technique or better adjust the required technique that it works. And if I do a mistake - starting with the wrong foot, expecting the wrong attack, there is no excuse for doing nothing. I have to protect myself and uke. I guess that is important to encourage comittet attacks.

Only if I fail to do the correct technique several times in a row, sensei will correct my mistake and/or show uke how to attack in this roll-play to allow me doing the technique of this exercise.

That is, what we were told on 4th kyu level and we have to improve techniques on an ideal uke as well as on uncomfortable ones to get forward.

That does not mean, that wwe do sparring or permanent resistence in normal classes. Most kihon waza looks like I know it from other dojo.

And expectations are somewhat higher than results

Just a few thoughts from beginner, which is a little bit on his DO.


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