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Re: When is HENKA WAZA hunky-dori?

In the IDEAL (TM) world, an aikido practice is a role playing game. Uke initiates the attack, Tori defend and execute an aikido technique, at least that is how I would view kihon-waza training. Much like uchikomi training in judo... uke and tori exchange role to practice/perfect a textbook technique.

Things start to get muddy when noobs CONFUSED (TM) kihon-waza training with sparring and start to ask WHAT-IF questions. And I can assure you, these question can be from perculiar to down right silly and irritating.

Right now, my attitude is to keep them separate and tell the noobs as such. If they insist on their questions answered, I will ask them to patiently wait till JIYU-WAZA or RANDORI sessions. I'll be happy to perform "Research and Development" with them.


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