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Mike Sigman
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Re: Deep Breathing and its meaning

Michael McCaslin wrote:
I was just looking more closely at the exercise you described in the second post on this thread. When you describe the pulling the stomach in with the breath, are you suggesting that we do "reverse breathing", where the dantian/hara hara expands on exhalation?
I'm unclear on your usage of the word "expands". The stomach-area pulls slightly in so that the lower torso doesn't "expand", but the pressure within it goes up. The "pressure" area is the stomach on the front, the diaphragm, the lower lumbar region, the "kidney" (really the quadratus lumborum area) region, and the perineum area. That area becomes a sort of "container".
Would you mind describing how the execise should feel for both types of breathing (for the exercise you described)? Does the pull on the suit change quality or direction with reverse breathing, or is it augmented? Is there a benefit or detriment to regulating the exhale rather than just relaxing, maybe a "push" of the suit rather than a release?
Well, I don't do the "Buddhist" or "natural" breathing anymore. Some people do; I don't as a general rule. Different people have different beliefs (and everyone is sure their way is the best, of course). The "pull" is augmented with reverse breathing.... but it's important that these exercises be done only lightly and for a long period of time (think of a one or two year startup time). Very good comment on the exhale, but for now I just recommend that you relax on exhale. A lot of people get into trouble with the breathing if they overdo it. It's better to do it softly for a long time than to try to rush it, IMO. If someone is older, they need to be even more cautious in starting these things because the fascia and the rest of the body is not as pliable and flexible as it used to be. They need guidance at first.


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