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Re: Deep Breathing and its meaning

FWIW, from the Daoist/TCM perspective as said before, your connecting the Du (center-line along the back) & Ren (center-line along the front) channels, as Mike mentioned, your completing the "microcosmic orbit". Personally I have had unusual experiences w/ this paired relationship. For whatever reason, during Qi Gong practices & sometimes during my forms training I can faintly feel a heat spot or little star of energy rising up my back. I loose it until it hits my brow and then I can feel it drop down to my tongue, where it can be quite ticklish. What ever it is, it is very tangible, in fact if it doesn't fall down my tongue, it will bounce back up into my nose & I will end up sneezing like crazy. Anyway when it does drop, it eventually finds its way back to my lower pelvis, where it mostly feels warm. Oddly enough this flow seems to mimic the natural breathing process, hence upon inhalation the upper back rises and upon exhalation everything seems to relax downward back into the pelvis. Personally I have noticed, Mike correct me where I am wrong, that it seems this pathway is the same for the discharging of power, i.e. by inhaling & lifting the peritoneal sack along w/ bowing the back, seems quite similar to what Mike has previous spoken about. Again I am still putting these pieces together.
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