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Michael McCaslin
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Re: Deep Breathing and its meaning

Mr. Sigman,

I was just looking more closely at the exercise you described in the second post on this thread. When you describe the pulling the stomach in with the breath, are you suggesting that we do "reverse breathing", where the dantian/hara hara expands on exhalation?

I use both this type of breathing and the "Buddhist" breathing, where the dantian/hara fills and expands with inhaling and contracts with exhaling, during standing practice. I don't really have a set pattern, sometimes one seems to do more than the other, usually I try to spend some time doing both each "session."

Would you mind describing how the execise should feel for both types of breathing (for the exercise you described)? Does the pull on the suit change quality or direction with reverse breathing, or is it augmented? Is there a benefit or detriment to regulating the exhale rather than just relaxing, maybe a "push" of the suit rather than a release?

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