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Re: Wrist Exercises

Adam Bauder wrote:
However, I prefer to enter in so that my kote'd wrist is in the center of my chest. Almost as if my arm is in a very tight sling.

I'll play with it some next time I get the chance. I have a feeling that most of the time it doesn't make too much difference whether you aim for your chest or neck/head area, as you never get there. However, your way is more likely to require jumping over into a hard fall, as you are still standing more upright and facing head-first in the direction of further twist. The way I described, by the time you get to your safe position you are already pretty much on the ground, so there is no further need for cranking or jumping.

I don't think either way is wrong, as opposed to standing there while your wrist gets separated from your body, which is more dangerous and painful. My aesthetic preference has tended towards quieter ukemi with less jumping over time.
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