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Mike Sigman
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Re: Deep Breathing and its meaning

Dennis Hooker wrote:
Now I go through the other half of this exercise. After doing the rowing exercise for a short time I stand with my feet about shoulder with apart. I cup the left hand over the right as if covering an egg. I lift my arms over my head and then bring them down front of the tanden. I begin to shake the hands just strongly enough to feel the movement throughout the body. I continue this for about five minuets before shifting back to the first part.
Just as a suggestion, Dennis, let me throw in an alternative focus on the actual shaking. You can pretend that the dantien/tanden is a ball inside your abdomen and that there is a fiberglass rod coming from that tanden/ball out to the ball/egg/sphere of your hands. Try to shake the hands only by moving the tanden/dantien up and down. The tanden/dantien movement gets its support from the floor. And yes, at first the motions are not so good, but with practice, doing the furitama by only moving the tanden/dantien will strengthen the power of the tanden area and will induce odd feelings in the body. FWIW

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