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Re: Wrist Exercises

Kevin Wilbanks wrote:
I don't think the wrist warmup exercises really do that much. It's more of a warmup for the basic ways they are likely to be twisted in class.
If the wrist exercises are only apprached as a warm-up, then that's all they'll be. If they are approached with the idea of the whole body working together to do such a "simple" thing, then you will feel a lot of power with each repitition. Wrist stretches, for me, can be re-vitalizing and relaxing.
... dive in toward your wrist get it as near to the side of your head as possible.
Kevin, please don't misunderstand my post as singling you out. I agree with your points about getting your whole body as close to the action as possible. However, I prefer to enter in so that my kote'd wrist is in the center of my chest. Almost as if my arm is in a very tight sling.

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