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Re: Deep Breathing and its meaning

"Because they worked" is the key element in my thinking. I read a long time ago that Miyamoto Musashi said "do nothing that is of no use". I admit that is hard to do but I like to aim in that direction. One could replace martial arts with farming or any other hard physical labor and keep the breathing, prayer and meditation the same and achieve the proper state of being and an ideal level of Ki in the body. I guess that is one thing that separates my way of thinking from Mike. I believe, and I may be mistaken, that to Mike's way of thinking one has to set out on a purposeful mission to develop Ki and I believe and have been taught that a proper state and balance of Ki will happen if one sees to their physical, spiritual and mental needs. There are many levels and kinds of Ki. To that end I have never sought Ki or knowingly engaged in activities that are meant solely to develop Ki. My goal was health, to keep breathing and living another day, so I engaged in activities that allowed this to happen. Since budo is one of the key elements of my training I believe over 45 years I have developed a certain amount and kind of Ki that is needed in that activity. I have neither the intellectual capacity nor eloquence of speech to say what that is or at what level it operates. It is simply there and it works to my satisfaction.

I do love to read how other people approach this path because it does give insight into the workings of activities that have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years.

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