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Re: Wrist Exercises


Your kote gashi problem probably doesn't have to do with your wrist but your ukemi. You probably need to be more pre-emptive about it, and may not even have a good concept of how to protect your wrist in the technique.

The best general strategy I know is to dive in toward your wrist and get it as near to the side of your head as possible. Do a biceps curl. Now raise your upper arm until your wrist is touching your ear. This is your safe position. It is also your safe position for shihonage ukemi. When you are in this position, it is easy to keep your arm and head together and any further cranking on your wrist or arm will tend more easily to move your whole body as one instead of your wrist away from your body. You probably won't actually get to that position in kotegashi ukemi, but that's what you're aiming for. If someone is really cranking it on you like lightning, you should start diving as soon as they decide to start applying it.

Sometimes people crank kotegashi sideways and the only way to save your wrist is to jump over and do a breakfall. I think it's unnecessarily brutal, and I will ask a partner to tone that down. It seems like less of an Aikido technique designed to take balance and more of a Jujutsu type thing designed to break a joint. I find that the ukemi described above mostly eliminates the need for jumping breakfalls though, as you never let your wrist get far enough away from your torso to require it.

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