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Re: Wrist Exercises

Keith Gotschall wrote:
As for the back of the wrist push ups.... I can't really do them!
Don't. I'm pretty sure they'll be counterproductive.

My troubles seem to stem from kote gaeshi applied in a snatchy way against the joint. Still hurts. Any ideas on training to combat this particular problem?
Ouch, I know that feeling. I'm afraid the only suggestion I can make there is quicker ukemi. Recovery is very slow. It might be worth wearing a bit of tubigrip (tubular bandage) on that wrist when you train - not because it'll help the wrist, but because it'll remind you and your partner to take it a bit easier on that side.

I'm sure someone will be along in a minute with some sensible suggestions for strengthening excercises, but in the meanwhile, here's a silly one:

A piece of wood (softwood - like pine), a couple of woodscrews (2 inch no10 pozidrive would be ideal) and a good quality screwdriver with a nice comfortable handle. Screw goes in, screw comes out - both hands, repeat until tired then rest until recovered (longer than you'd think, prolly at least 36hrs).

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