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Keith Gotschall
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Re: Wrist Exercises

Hi all,
I've been wondering about this very thing. I have to admit to having rather weak wrists. I rock climb and have decent forearm strength, can do finger tip pull ups, but my wrists are my achilles heel. (if you pardon the confusion of body parts) I have asked other aikidoka about it, but they all warn against wrist exercises saying that you don't want to lose flexability.
Would doing curls, both forward and back, help with this? All the while trying to keep them loose with the warm up exercises.
As for the back of the wrist push ups.... I can't really do them! Yet my wife, who trained in Kung Fu for ages, can still snap off a set at will. She seems to be resting the end of the forearm bones on the floor rather than the back of the hand.
My troubles seem to stem from kote gaeshi applied in a snatchy way against the joint. Still hurts. Any ideas on training to combat this particular problem?
thanks, KG
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