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Re: Deep Breathing and its meaning

Mike Sigman wrote:
Thanks muchly for the reference. I use a balloon analogy a lot, but more in line with a human-figure-shaped balloon with an airtight fabric as the skin.
Well, sure ... if you want to be reasonable. But I need more drastic help, so as to punch out the kinks.
Since there are only a limited number of buzzwords, too often everyone chimes in with "oh, we practice that stuff all the time" or "oh, my teacher talks about that all the time", when in reality the congruence simply isn't there.
Well, I don't mean to imply "been-there-done-that." My instructors do not approach "ki" training with the same methods, you and others talk about. However, I am finding the end goal near enough the same to dig deeper into what training I have been offered, and to find the gems within.
And I don't say that negatively... it's just one of those things to always be on the lookout for.
That's what I'm doing.


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