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Re: Deep Breathing and its meaning

I hate to build on if-maybe's, but if he really says that, it's pretty interesting, taken in the context of what he says before and after it. There is a *big* question about "tension" in the way it's being used in the translation, also.
Mike, there is Shinichi Tohei's Ki Weblog (in English) and this link with reference to Tohei's book. The latter is all in Japanese, so I'm not sure where to go from there ...

From my training, the one-point has been always described as a more-or-less location. I've heard the top of the hips location many times. Finding it in yourself is the key. What I get with ki breathing practice is tension, compression, inflation, etc. (and the occasional pleasant adjustment to my lower spine) ... all good stuff. Through all this I get the image of myself as being in the shape of something like a gel-tab, or oblong shaped balloon, while in-haling. Down low in this shape and deep within, I find the calm which is my one-point. No tension there. Sort of like the eye of a hurricane. There is more going on which I am not able to satisfactorily describe in this post. However, much of what you and Rob John have been talking about, has been giving me some "aha!" moments, as I try to apply what I've "learned" to what I "know". Just thought you wouldn't mind a viewpoint from someone who trains (although definitely not an authority) in Tohei's methods.

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