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Mike Sigman
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Re: Deep Breathing and its meaning

In looking at the book which is posted as I noted in post #16 on this thread, I noticed something pretty interesting. Tohei specifically says that the "one point" is not where most people think it is but is in a spot on a level with the pubic bone. I'm very interested in that comment, but out of caution, I'd like to ask if anyone has the original book in Japanese and can examine the context and meaning in order to be sure the translator had it right.

I hate to build on if-maybe's, but if he really says that, it's pretty interesting, taken in the context of what he says before and after it. There is a *big* question about "tension" in the way it's being used in the translation, also. I'd really appreciate it if someone has the original in Japanese and could comment.


Mike Sigman
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