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Mike Sigman
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Re: Deep Breathing and its meaning

Moses Jenkins wrote:
Mike, any thoughts as to why there is a magnetic sensation that appears when attention is brought to the connective tissues? Which, seems can be increased/altered by the breath?
I understand on a theoretical basis the causative effects outlined in Oschman's book on "Energy Medicine", but I don't do anymore than comprehend... my understanding of electro-magnetic theory is fairly good, but not in the area of bio-electricity. I assume that he's generally in the right area since a number of studies with measured results are mentioned for support. But that's about the limit I'm willing to support his contentions. Some of his book strikes me as advocacy more than evaluation.
Also, for reasons I am not totally sure, I was taught a differentiation w/ silk exercises, i.e. "reeling silk" & "pulling silk". The idea was "reeling silk" pertained to just the physical movements of the body, e.g. connecting the tip of the fingers to the tip of the toes and trying to figure out how to maintain connection while attempting various twisting, winding, etc. type postures. As for "pulling silk" its supposed to be the addition of the "yi", or "intention, awareness, mind, etc", which was to train & maintain the subtle sensation created by each pathway. That being said, I always have wondered if there is any real difference between the two. It seems that if you start w/ the movements, hopefully the mind should follow, & if I get lucky someday, then perhaps my mind will lead my body
Well, the way I've always understood the term (there is some disagreement, historically, and nowadays the Yang family swears they really do "reeling silk" and that "pulling silk" was a misunderstanding), reeling silk winds the body in the way it naturally winds as the force behind its jin; pulling silk is a linear in-out usage of jin. Theoretically, for complex reasons I'd rather not try to write out, reeling silk is the only solution to "pure" usage of the jin, so anyone who uses jin/kokyu who doesn't use winding/spiralling would technically be admitting to a lapse (a lot of this stuff is overdone, as in any other field of endeavour).


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