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Re: Deep Breathing and its meaning

Mike Sigman wrote:
But if you want suggestions for other postures to help spread this (and the other things that happen, because I'm being very simplistic in order to keep this as a "foot-in-the-door"), try looking at any good set of yoga postures or qigong postures... it's what they're for, at a basic level.
Thank you.

I'd also like to ask about the silk reeling exercises (Chen Tai Chi) and how they fit in. I was wondering, as somewhere along the line you mentioned the connective tissue was sometimes referred to as a "silk" running through the body. I was once given the explanation that "silk reeling" was called such because it should be performed with the smoothness of trying to reel a silk thread off a cocoon... ie, the aim was to cultivate smoothness itself. But now I'm thinking that maybe its more about the use of fascia-related-structures (TM) / connective tissue, and learning how manipulation (???) ("reeling") of that is used to move the body through simple movements.

Like maybe first a qi gong set is used to build ki (pressure/suit), and then the silk reeling is used to manipulate it (manifesting koyku) [should this be in another thread ].

Following that, form builds function ("appliction") of kokyu (silk reeling in more complex shapes).

And alongside, push hands adds the very necessary element of feeling how kokyu / ki interacts with another partner. eg, kokyu applied as kuzushi, grounding incoming, grounding outgoing (holds-osae waza) and some aspects of ki like "listening skill" maybe (not sure about this).

Hmmm... Comments much appreciated.


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