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Re: Buses and trains - effects on balance

One of the things I've felt of late is that by using certain organizations, I can become entirely immobile and yet not stiff. The bus can be whipping around at whatever speed it wants, and yet I can often feel the force go into my back leg, then shoot up-wards. If I were to hold an overhead handle, I often find myself pusing it up at a 45 degree angle. That is to say, it seems to push itself up, as if the leg force is going up into the arm.

I thought that was kind of odd and kooky, and I know some of you study this kind of thing so...

I'm just curious if anyone has used this environment as a less opportunistic way to train force redirection? Has it been useful to you?

(Surfing might be another analogue but I've never expereinced that and thus am more interested in buses and trains
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