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Good uke

Clark sensei, I believe, is giving you very sound advise. I also tend to tune my attack according to the level of person I'm attacking. Some of the more senior students like "more clay". That is, I attack harder and try harder to maintain my balance throughout the encounter. Obviously you cannot do the same for those just starting, but I will NEVER just "give in" to nage. I have also run into these kind of people and I avoid working with them. Sometimes I'll even say something to them depending on my mood. Regardless, nothing is learned and both people wind up wasting valuable training time.

Also note that just the opposite is also true. If you know what technique is going to be executed, you can stop just about anyone by pulling your commitment to the attack. I call this ego training, and it has no place in an Aikido dojo. This has the same result as the previously stated situation. Both problems result in wasted training time.


Dan Pokorny
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