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Re: Deep Breathing and its meaning

Dave Findlay wrote:
I was just thinking today about the fascia-related structures you've mentioned, described as a "suit" over the body.

Are you familiar with bench-press-shirts or similar? Bascially very tight shirts / clothing used to support the body during exercise. The bench press shirts seem to let people push more weight, because (I believe) the muscles are better supported. Is this one of the results of training the fascia-related structures?

I don't bench press, or own said shirts, but have worn similar shorts for aikido practise over the last few years. I got them as I thought they'd help with groin strains that were quite common for me... Anyway, they always felt like they did add stability to the hip region. (And haven't had a groin strain since.)

Anyhow, it would be cool if this muscle-support kind of thing is one effect from improving the tone of the fascia.
You're on the right track, David. Think of it as such a suit that spreads over the whole body and permeates the organs. At long-term levels, the training, because of the constant extend/contract of the fascia, is also supposed to make the bones denser. The little thing I gave was my best shot at a simple "foot-in-the-door" and of course you can work various parts of the body by changing the postures to bring the tension and pressure in the optimal way to various parts of the body. But if you want suggestions for other postures to help spread this (and the other things that happen, because I'm being very simplistic in order to keep this as a "foot-in-the-door"), try looking at any good set of yoga postures or qigong postures... it's what they're for, at a basic level.
And by-the-by, the stuff collated in Oschman's books about connective tissue is fascinating. Thanks for the tip.
My pleasure.


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